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Class Type Starts Status Description Price Pay
FUNdamental Projects Fall 2014 OPEN We are looking forward to an eye popping year of projects using all our new tools to bring you an assortment of FUNdamental skills in a variety of topic & styles. Who knew learning was so much FUN? $60.00
Manga/Cartooning Spring 2015 TBA Learn the foundation principles surrounding the art of Manga and a variety of comic & cartooning styles! $60.00 Coming Soon
Doodle Journal Spring 2015 TBA Doodle Journal is perfect to get the creativity moving. It helps you understand how easy it is to create & express yourself with simple lines, shapes, color & a touch of humor! $60.00 Coming Soon
Portfolio Studio Spring 2015 TBA Portfolio Studio Artists can work on the same format as everyone else in class or they can work on any of their other projects from their portfolio. $100.00 Coming Soon

Brainiac Art kids discover an engaging process that everyone can use to succeed. We show kids how to analyze what they see and step-by-step how to express it themselves through their artwork while developing academic, conceptual, and critical thinking skills, and yes, we have fun! Every week we create new original artwork, which may be comprised from a still life, graphic design, portrait, pictures or popular paintings of the Masters from our Art History Collection & of course their vivid imaginations. Our Art History lessons is an artist, genre, place of historic significance, or style. Your kids will be so focused on a topic from around the world in a way that is so engaging they won't even realize how much fun it was to learn! All art quality materials are provided!

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